Equestrian School

At Newberry Farm OK, our goal is for patrons to find the joy associated with riding regardless of the skill level.  If you are a beginner rider or your goal is to be a casual trail rider or to become a competitive rider our trainers will WORK WITH YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.  If you don’t have a horse, no worries. At Newberry Farm we will assess your needs and offer one of our horses so that you have the best experience possible.

If Horse boarding is what you need – then look no further.  At Newberry Farm we treat your horse as one of our own.  We provide daily feeding, exercise, and pasture time as well as a place where you can ride and work with your horse at your leisure. We choose to limit the amount of horses boarded so we can ensure top care is given to each animal. Call today to discuss your boarding needs.

Call today and let one of our staff assist in assessing your needs and finding the best trainer to help you achieve your goals.