Hi. I’m Laura Newberry with Newberry Farm. This is my friend’s horse, Rosie. They are having a hard time getting her to cross water, so today we’re going to work on getting her to cross water. I walked her up to the creek here and this is where she stopped. This is where our work is going to start. Today, I’m using a crop because that’s what Rosie is used to. Usually, I ride my horses with spurs, but since she’s used to the crop, we’re going to use the crop. Here we go. I’m going to get her to move forward as much as I can. It’s better to go back and forth. Keep their feet moving from side to side. As they move from side to side, they’re more likely to take a step forward.

The other thing you can do is back them up. Go back up. You can get them closer to the water that way. I’m going to stand here and let her play a bit in the center. Then, we’ll walk out. Stop before getting all the way out and then back her up again. I’m going to walk her out and I’m going to stop and back her up. Now, if they do that over and over, Then, we’ll turn around.

Make her turn around and make her walk now. We’ll see if she’ll walk back through. She’s thinking about but she doesn’t want to do it yet, which is fine. We’re going to just keep working. We need to be real consistent of what you’re asking so that she understands. I may have to back her up one more time. She doesn’t want to do it, so I’m going to back her up again. Yes, we’re going to do it. Come on. Come on.

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